Ministry of Media has a huge resource of Designers, Illustrators, Developers, Copywriters, Musicians, 3d Animators and more to provide you with what you need to boost your product or service. We meet and discuss where your product or service is in the market, then scope requirements to get you where you should be.

We enjoy the opportunity to propose innovative ideas and solutions the you may not of considered, keeping in mind budget to get the upmost result.

Here is a brief summary of the services we can provide:


Always striving to stay ahead with current design trends, but more importantly creating design that complement YOUR products. At times the cutting edge design simply will not suit your requirements. It is important to design for the specific market. Our goal is to meet these requirements in all areas, be it a brand new logo or developing from an existing concept. From there we can create web experiences, video marketing, business cards, any form of design media can be catered for.  


We build our sites on mostly open source technologies - platforms like Magento, squarespace and Joomla - which allow us to benefit from the power of a global developer network. These are not only the world’s most popular platforms, but also the most trusted, and the most user friendly. They provide us with the range of tools necessary to create cutting-edge websites for businesses both large and small, in every industry imaginable. 

Beyond that, we create self contained web apps where required.


"Search Engine Optimization", Mom adds Google Analytics standard to all our web projects. From there we can discuss ongoing support packages using the data to provide options increasing your web presence. Its one thing to create a stunning and easy to navigate web solution, but we need to get the users to the website in the first instance.

Audio Visual

A very broad area of what we can offer. From online animations explaining your product or service, to full HD services, from concept - production - delivery.

Utilizing all areas in the field, filming, 3d, animation, motion graphics all within realistic budgets. View our Showreel here

3D Modelling / Animation

We have vast experience in this area, some of which is visable on our showreel, also take the time to explore our 3D realm

Arial Footage

there is nothing more impressive than well shot arial footage. The availability of increasingly advanced drone and camera technology mean that breathtaking and detailed imagery is no longer confined to the larger establishments. Add in motion tracking with 3D elements or other motion graphics, take your project to the next level. ( Pun Intended )

Motion Graphics / Colour Grading

A key element in great video production. Taking your video to the top level.

We enjoy this process, innovative motion graphics with amazing film grading.

Web and Email Hosting

We can look after all your hosting and email needs.

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